COVID-19: Quickly deploy a remote home office strategy for your company

Mar 16, 2020

With the current COVID-19 situation and new measures expected from the Swiss Government in the upcoming days, small and medium businesses which haven’t yet invested in remote work technology may face serious changes in their day-to-day workflow. Our team in Geneva has been working relentlessly setting up secured but affordable solutions at our clients to provide all essential tools for home offices.
What are some of those solutions that could help your business face the current crisis too?


Emails & calendars

Nearly all email providers offer web browser email access with integrated calendar which we can configure and help you using. If it is not enough, we can help setting up your email accounts on personal computers and transfer existing data to be ready quickly for the current exceptional circumstances. And, to get you fully future-proof, we can make you an offer for full migration of your company’s emails, contacts and calendars to Microsoft Exchange or an equivalent sharing system.


Live chat

A live chat is an important addition to other tools such as emails and phones to maintain communication and trust with your clients in a period like we are facing today. It also enables your employees to keep engaged, exchange live without direct contact and keep their work communication at the highest level while staying home. We can check if your actual email provider offers the service and implement it on your website. We also work with some of the best and affordable partners with which we can get you up and running in no time.


Cloud based file system

We work with partners in Switzerland and Europe that provide the highest quality of service and that can be suited to the confidentiality level your data requires. Moving or mirroring some or all of your files to a cloud based file system may be enough in certain situations. All cloud storage providers support multiple users and teams allowing you to manage access permissions so your employees can continue to access and collaborate on files essential for their job.


Remote control

We can quickly and easily deploy a fully secure remote control solution on a computer and avoid the higher costs of implementing a more sophisticated solution. Full seamless access might also be required for more specific cases such as device linked licenses or the need for computing power and can be easily combined with other solutions we offer.


VPN : Virtual Private Network

In more complex infrastructures in which specific resources inside the network need to be accessed, setting up a VPN is the reasonable choice allowing your employees to access your company network seamlessly, just as if they were sitting in the office. There is a bunch of options when it comes to VPN offering different layers of security and connectivity, in some cases even your actual hardware could well be able to do the job.


Phone : VoIP apps & call forwarding

If you are already using a VoIP phone system, chances are very high that your provider has a mobile application which enables you to connect to your office line and use most of the features you do at your office desk. If not, you could still be able to set call forwarding up very easily by dialling *21 followed by the phone number you want your line forwarded to. To disable, dial #21.

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